Nov 18, 2011

Big news today… Sleepy Dan is going to t shirt battle Fur Face Boy at Artopia this year! Two tshirt designs going head to head to see who sells the most in one night… Winner walks away with the battle belt and has to defend the title next year. Last year Decade Clothing was unable to defeat FFB, so you gotta be there to support Sleepy Dan to victory!

This is the Dallas Observer’s birthday party, so you know Artopia will be no holds barred, off the chain, out of control, the most insane event of the year to attend!

Artopia Dallas Observer

Going to be so many projects going on that night during the event, you will not have time to get bored! Our friends the Lunch Buddies will be doing live art demos, tons of art is on display by local artists, there’s a several stage fashion show, an interactive sound experience, and open bar and food from local restaurants! Gonna be a great night, so get your tickets while they last…

Special thanks to Brian Gibb at The Public Trust for helping curate and organize such an amazing yearly event! I am so proud to be part of Artopia, hope you are able to make it to the show too.