Dec 11, 2011

Last weekend Sleepy Dan took part in the Dallas Observer sponsored Artopia event, taking place at the Dallas Contemporary. With the help of Brian at the Public Trust, the second year event was even better than last year. Check out all the art on the walls!

Dallas Observer Artopia 01

This was the inauguration of the Pillow Monster character for the Tshirt Battle with Fur Face Boy! Shirts were printed and sold at the event, got some left after the event available in the web shop…

Dallas Observer Artopia 02

Our two shirt designs were displayed and votes were collected at the decorated news stand at the center of the event. Which do you like better? Still waiting to announce officially who won the event, all the ballots are being counted and will be posting the results soon!

Dallas Observer Artopia 03

The t shirt battle designs were being sold at the Public Trust pop up shop, along with some of our current line shirts and prints from Magnificent Beard. It was a blast to be involved with so many artist friends at this event.

Dallas Observer Artopia 04

Atama also had a pop up shop at the event, so of our favorite vinyl toys were on display too. So much fun to see the larger toys, gotta love the Sour Grapes custom paint design! There was some crazy lighting for the event that did not help for takin pics…

Dallas Observer Artopia 05

Lunch Buddies did another amazing job of captivating the crowd for some live printing. They helped a bunch of our artist friends bring their designs to the event by screen printing the night before, made extras to sell at the event too!

Dallas Observer Artopia 06

There was a photo pop up at the event with an Artopia logo screen, so everyone could take pics and get posted to the Dallas Observer event lookbook. Dallas has a rich arts culture, rich in the sense of a wealth of friends that support each other. Our passion is our work but love to have fun too. Thanks to Unkommon Kolor and Fresh Kaufee for coming out and making it fun! Loyal KNG again came out and took amazing photos, so I gotta share their Amazing Perspective of the event… Looking forward to getting a new camera for Christmas so I can compete with their photo skills!

Dallas Observer Artopia 07

The lounge layouts were great, making the large space of the Dallas contemporary very comfortable for the show. So much art to see and events going on, everyone was engaged with something the whole time.

Dallas Observer Artopia 08

It poured the night of the event, but there were still thousands of people that attended. Thanks Dallas, for showing love even in the face of harsh weather!

Dallas Observer Artopia 09

Mark the event on your calendar for next year, gotta see you there!